I am a social scientist. I design behavioral interventions (transitory programs, experiences, and strategies) to help elevate communities towards better educational, performance or mindset outcomes. I use a combination of experiments, research, and ethnographic fieldwork to develop solutions for organizations looking to create lasting social impact through improvements in decision-making, behavioral tendencies, and skill-learning for their key populations. For example: to encourage consumers to naturally make better nutrition decisions, to re-engage STEM students with gamified, intrinsically-motivated incentives, or to generate productive behavior within an online, wellness-based sharing economy model.

I am a practitioner and consult for various organizations on social innovation initiatives. I currently work as a program consultant for Generation - a program by the McKinsey Social Initiative with a goal of reducing youth unemployment globally, and adding 1 million more jobs to the global workforce by 2020, and as a program consultant for Blue Circle Leadership, a leadership and performance training firm with a goal of improving employee wellness and productivity.

I co-founded Eurekatory, an engine for disrupting and accelerating higher education and innovation, and preparing STEM talent to accelerate real change in the world. I also co-founded PALS At Work, a mass-collaborative for the design and deployment of affordable prosthetic devices to help amputees in the developing world get back to work in Latin America.

I was highlighted as one of 25 “Emerging Leaders” in the Midwest by TEDxMidwest 2013.



Education, Culture, Social Innovation, Impact Investing, Curriculum, Design Thinking, Program Management, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Wellness, Global Development.